Family storytelling with photos

Calm by Yodith Dammlash
Calm by Yodith Dammlash

Narratio Vitae is inspired by a new family history project by the storyteller Yodith Dammlash.  She’s published a creative photo-biography of her family at her website, recently featured in The Week.  She has superimposed photos of her family as they’ve aged, producing a ghostly remembrance of them.  According to The Week, “This series is made to honor those who have passed,” she said, “to make sense of and peace with the stories I’ve been told over the years and to shed light on the multifaceted narrative of the Diaspora.”

At Narratio Vitae, we’re always looking for new ways to integrate photos into our customers’ family narratives (here’s one example), and Dammlash has given us new ideas.

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