Jinns, dybbuks and ghosts… frightening new movies for this Halloween season (part 1 of 3)

At Narratio Vitae (“life story” in Latin), we constantly encounter the undying reflections of our clients’ pasts, and we revel in the thrill of a good ghost story.  This Halloween, three movies reign as genuinely creepy ghost stories.  Here’s the first…

Billed as “the story of a groom possessed on his wedding day,” the movie Demon follows Piotr (Itay Tiran) as he endures possession by a dybbuk – the angry spirit of a dead person, according to Jewish folklore.  It’s earning 4-star reviews as a visceral metaphor for post-war Europe, but the cast’s believable portrayal of a family brought down by demonic possession is really the thrill.

Itay Tiran plays a possessed groom in Demon. (Photo: The Orchard)

More recommendations to come…

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