The Maddoxes: Tracing back to America’s original settlers

One of our most complex family narratives is the Maddox family narrative at  This narrative required original research to discover and prove the customer’s grandparents, and after that we were able to go six generations further, with extensive research.  The narrative of Edward Maddox (circa 1615-1694) is a great place to see the kind of work Narratio Vitae  loves to do.  The family’s link to Edward Maddox was considered a major discovery for all U.S. descendants of the Maddoxes, who had been trying to make the link for years.

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The Novoms: Recent immigrants to America rediscover their Jewish roots

While the Maddox family narrative required extensive Colonial-era research, our recent Novom family narrative at was an opportunity to involve living relatives in the process of developing oral and written histories.  The Novom family and distant relatives provided stories and photos that Narratio Vitae wove into its research into the family’s European origins.  To the family’s happy surprise, Narratio Vitae identified the family’s previously unknown great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and pinpointed their original village in modern Lithuania.

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The Quinns of Boston: A classic Irish-Italian immigration story

Our most recent family narrative at focuses on the Quinns, Sciarrinos and Purpuras – three families that escaped the deprivation of the Great Famine of Ireland in the mid-19th century, and the similar economic implosion of southern Italy around the same time.  The families would unite in Boston and establish themselves as leaders in their community.  It’s one of those stories that keeps getting better as each family member adds to it.



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